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Ideally having a window come up that prompts the users to point to the excel file from which the powerpoint should update everytime. Sub modifylinks() Dim Excel File Dim exl As Object Set exl = Create Object("Excel. Not all of the OLE Objects in my Power Point are Excel charts (some are direct references to cells) which means they don't have the brackets which seems to be causing a problem.

For your reference I am a complete novice when it comes to VBA code, I begged, borrowed, and stole the code that I referenced. we must've used different methods to get the charts into powerpoint.

I tried your code and while it updates the source file it does not capture the cell references leaving the code useless in the specified case. [workbook.xls]Graphs Chart 3) and the formula does not change the second occurrence of the workbook name in brackets. Source Full Name is blank Can you it in yours and let us know what the msgbox shows please?

Auto Update = pp Update Option Manual End With End If End With Hello wilsoff... Source Full Name then it only shows me the first reference to the xlsx, with no square brackets or repeated xlsx filename If I add the same message box to your code it suggests the .

Another approach is to add new data to the range not at the end, but somewhere within the range.

I want to be on one slide, hyperlink to an Excel sheet, put in some numbers, close and save the spreadsheet, move to next slide, and have the chart on the new slide updated with the current chart information. If you add this macro to your presentation then you can add a button on one of the slides (probably best on the slide where the chart is shown) to run it. In slideshow view I clicked a link to the Excel spreadsheet, changed data, closed and saved Excel, clicked the update button, the mouse spun, went to the next slide and the old data remains in place. I put the update button on the same slide as the chart.

I think I will need some VBA because the chart doesn't update when moving to the next slide. If I go out of slideshow the data is automatically updated as you would expect. I can't replicate your problem so perhaps you need to provide the PPTM and XLS files for us to test. It worked for him, but like you he was working with 2010 version of PPT.

Works in Excel 2003 and earlier, and in Excel 2007 if you’ve installed the latest service packs.

What if the worksheet contains a pivot table and its sister pivot chart?

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