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"It was a life-changer," Boyer said Thursday before the Brewers played the St. "It's something Adam and I are going to do for the rest of our lives." The story of the remarkable mission by Boyer and La Roche was first reported by ESPN The Magazine in an article that centered on La Roche's dramatic decision to retire from the Chicago White Sox this spring.

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But that's how strongly the two major-league baseball players felt about trying to make a difference.

The Yazidi women would be tested for pregnancy whenever they were about to be sold to another ISIS rapist.

The test would be bad news, and worse news for the women and girls, between being pregnant with their abuser’s child and being raped by another abuser.

In that accounting, Boyer and La Roche revealed they were involved with Exodus Road, a non-profit organization that supports targeted interventions and rescues of young people being used as sex slaves across the world.

Boyer became acquainted with founder Matt Parker and introduced him three years ago to La Roche, leading to the decision by the players to become personally active.

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