Nursing updating electronic mars

Today's nurses aren't just caring for the sick; they're changing our very notion of modern medicine and health care delivery.Nurses are giving TED talks, publishing scientific research, developing mobile medical applications, and actively addressing health care policy.It is important to understand that in an outpatient setting, as opposed to inpatient, a medical record covers the lifetime of a patient, not one episode of care (an inpatient stay).Thus, you need a longitudinal record from which you can generate reports over time.

These systems can facilitate workflow and improve the quality of patient care and patient safety.An EHR is only as good as the processes that it supports.If the technology is not supported with well-thought processes, hospitals may invest in complicated and expensive technologies that create more waste in a system already fraught with inefficiency.When adopting new technology, vendors and healthcare providers from the early stages of EHR planning need to identify and eliminate waste in processes that involve the use of EHRs to ensure positive outcomes before making large investments.Lean management in healthcare is a valuable tool way to meet this objective as it educates hospital executives, clinicians and staff to seek out and eliminate waste.

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