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check (I believe the production company is based in L.A.) Clearly this isn’t about the money because Dwight has it. The secret is out Dwight, you bring more attention to the situation with these constant suits.Jill Munroe is a Los Angeles-based sports culture analyst and author.You can find her work on sites such as Fox, and Pop quiz hot shot: You are rumored to have been fired from a bottle-throwing, hair-pulling, drama-filled reality show and you want to gloat about its now declining ratings. Well, if you were ever a fixture on VH1's Basketball Wives, you take to Twitter. Former BBW stars Jennifer Williams and Royce Reed didn't gel with the show's mean girls, and they aren't a part of this new "healing" season. Said follower also commented on Nostril's new hair.The ratings haven't been up to par, and many attribute the lack of viewership to fans not condoning the ladies' past behavior. Not able to rise above the fray, Shaunie quickly retorted, "Nahhh, we good." So glad to see she's committed to being the bigger person she promised to be this season. WOULD YOU BE MORE INCLINED TO WATCH IF THIS SEASON FEATURED JENNIFER AND ROYCE?

“All I want is my brother-in-law to make this day,” Evelyn says. “That’s why we’re not on speaking terms.” He probably gave her too many deadlines. The name of that bootleg play, or the fact that the editors had to caption Love saying the name of that bootleg play. “I got the part in the play I auditioned for,” she tells him.

star Royce Reed could explain why her ex, Dwight Howard is so angry with her.

Dwight has already won a 0,000 suit in Florida that says Reed violated a signed agreement not to discuss him in the press.

“Soon, people are going to spray perfume in the room and she’s going to walk in.” They all cackle. I think in this case, “busy” means being up under Chad as much as humanly possible. “You got the part in ‘Plantano and Collard Greens.’” I don’t know what’s funnier.

Jennifer is wearing those ridiculous blue contacts again and this time she’s wearing enough make up to choke a clown. Suzie asks Jennifer if she understands why Evelyn is upset. “I said we don’t date the same type of people,” Jennifer says. “You’ve got to understand it sometimes can be overwhelming.” Is she serious? My cat does more work than Royce and she sleeps 23 hours a day. Evelyn says that there are a lot of rumors going around on social networks that are affecting her relationship with Chad.

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