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As parents, we all want our teens to have good early relationships, so we should discuss what constitutes a healthy relationship before they begin dating.We can help them to expect good communication, respect, trust, fairness, honesty and equality.To help ensure your teen has a positive dating experience, here are a few things to consider when preparing for your conversation.Age matters Dating is different for a middle-school-aged teen versus an upperclassman in high school.We have to be careful not to push teens into dating, especially younger teens who are still in middle school.Studies show that the earlier teens start dating and having relationships, the sooner sexual activity takes place.

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Call 314.454.8336 for information and support on ways to promote mental health with your children and teens, as well as specific referrals to mental health provid... If the answer is yes, it is very likely that he or she is dating, or is at least showing interest in dating.In addition, 81% of parents do not believe that dating violence among teens is a problem, or admit that they do not know if it is a problem.So, if you haven’t already, now is the time to discuss dating with your teen.How many times have you heard someone say, “She’s such a flirt” or “He’s going to be a real ladies' man” about a baby?Or tease a young child by saying, “Is he your boyfriend?

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