Tom cruise and rosamund pike dating mandating nurse patient ratios

Rumors in the comments section of Deadine Hollywood are that top agencies, including WME and CAA, have already received faxed casting breakdowns for the part, with those in contention for the role (screen tests are likely to take place in Iceland, where Cruise is shooting “Oblivion“) are expected to sign non-disclosure agreements, before a two-year “girlfriend” trial period, known as the Penelope Cruz Clause.

Names of who might be in the running are top secret, but as we’ve done for many other high-profile parts in the past, we thought we’d run down five possible candidates who we think might have the right stuff for one of the most demanding, yet rewarding, roles available right now.

Some surprising news broke late Friday night which has had Hollywood abuzz all weekend.

No, not another big-budget movie cancellation or high-profile reshoots, but instead a major high-profile bit of recasting.

Like the female equivalent of James Bond or Doctor Who, each actress has had different spins on the role — from Kidman’s statuesque ice queen to Holmes’ faintly-brainwashed pod person — but the requirements remain the same : a love of extreme sports and Xenu, and a propensity for standing at premieres and waving.This is a particularly hectic time for Pike: she's just started shooting The World's End, a comedy about an epic pub crawl from Shaun of the Dead's Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. Previous outings - mythological fantasy Wrath of the Titans, videogame adaptation Doom, utopian sci-fi Surrogates, birdwatcher comedy The Big Year - were largely clumsy affairs, with Pike little more than attractive wallpaper. Even she admits she was "disappointed" with her lawyer portrayal in this trite legal thriller.She's in the midst of moving house with her partner, Robie Uniacke, a businessman. "I felt that somehow I'd fallen into the trap of a cliché, which I really hate doing," she says. To begin with, it stars Tom Cruise as the titular lone crusader. I remember lying on my tummy [when I was young] watching Top Gun.Brit Marling Why She Could Do It: Marling is already clearly on Cruise’s radar, having been courted for roles in both “Jack Reacher” and “Oblivion,” and while she ultimately turned both down, could the third time be the charm?Having played the otherworldly leader of a manipulative, secretive sci-fi-tinged cult in “Sound Of My Voice,” we can totally see why the actor might think they had something in common.

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