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Earlier in the day he had managed not to look too put-out when, at the press conference for Bon Jovi’s July show in Hyde Park, many journalists ignored the band to ask a representative from the concert promoters AEG questions about volume levels (last year, several Hyde Park concerts were disrupted by poor sound).And after our interview, he and his band – the guitarist Richie Sambora, the keyboard player David Bryan and the drummer Tico Torres – will appear on Radio 2, playing their new songs live for the first time, despite a distinct lack of rehearsal.The 52-year-old actress got candid when talking about her brief relationship with Jon Bon Jovi in the '80s.She revealed to everyone that they dated for: 'Five months, I was 20.'The Paris Can Wait actress continued: 'And I think every girl should have such a wonderful experience when she's that young.'Lane even saw off the musician before his Slippery When Wet shows: 'I have some photos of him packing for the tour,' she revealed.They were childhood sweethearts but in past interviews Bon Jovi has admitted to not always being as good a partner as he should have been in the early days.'I've not been a saint.I've had my lapses.' When a publisher offered the band millions of dollars for a book on their experiences touring, they turned it down as they wanted to keep the stories private.

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Jon Bon Jovi certainly enters the room like a rock star.

I like taking care of people and making others feel welcome.” The performance is not an April Fool’s joke, according to multiple reports. Since I joined Senate DJ, I’ve felt like I belong to something, and I’m not just out there on my own — I feel as if I’m part of a fraternity or brotherhood.” As TMZ notes, Gosselin won’t be donning his full birthday suit for the occasion.

Gosselin's stripping debut will take place as part of his Senate DJ promotion duties on April 1, his 40th birthday. Instead, he will be “stripping down to his undies” only.

He is preceded by his reputation – at least in the British press – as a sort of grumpy old man of rock.

However, it soon transpires that, while Bon Jovi is still very much a rock star (perhaps even, if judged solely on album and concert ticket sales, the pre-eminent rock star of his generation), he is much less of a grumpy one these days.

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