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This sweet, sticky substance from the bark of tamarix bushes is insect-digested sap that falls to the ground overnight.Plants that tell a story as good as this are always fun to grow, but the conditions for producing manna at home cannot be reproduced and T.But asparagus and sea kale are also maritime types and they survive perfectly well in landlubbers' gardens.The general assumption is that, like local holiday wines, tamarix does not travel, although any tamarix in the British Isles is already a long way from home. Resin from Tamarix gallica was the source of the Biblical manna from heaven.It's been grown in Britain since 1656, and for more than three centuries it was known as Rhus cotinus - a name that is still in use.In the wild there are forms with apple-green leaves.

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", which is the cry that went up from the Israelites in the wilderness when they saw the golden dewdrops in the desert. Read about Plymouth news and world news as it happens and keep in touch with UK news stories 24 hours of the day on the Plymouth Herald.Stay informed of Plymouth traffic and travel news online.Tamarix is one of those plants you notice on holiday in gardens near the sea.That pretty pink, feathery-flowered tree looks good, you think. Bean's standard work on trees and shrubs describes tamarix as "natives of the Old World and often inhabiting maritime situations where the soil is permeated by saline substances".

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