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Sources connected to Ronnie say he was in VIP when a crowd spilled into the area around him ...

and as he tried to shield her, someone threw a bottle or glass which shattered on his hand.

Snooki has gotten really into healthy eating and exercise since the show ended, and Jenni chopped her hair short and looks much more mature.

The cast of “Jersey Shore” had an epic reunion over the weekend to celebrate Sammi Sweetheart's 30th birthday.The two have infrequently split apart then rejoined during the course of their time on the series and are perhaps one of the selling factors to the reality show, itself, since its debut year.Ronnie, himself, enjoys the beach scene and plans to eventually make a home there to accommodate that preferred lifestyle. See full bio on IMDb » Ronnie Magro from 'Jersey Shore' needed stitches to repair his sliced and bloodied hand after a rough night in a Las Vegas club.He joined this popular and successfully-televised series in August 2009 and has become a regular cast member.Before joining the series, Ronnie worked in real estate.

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