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The truth is that these terms confine Kurdish women into two different worlds: the traditional world of our mothers that we often joke about, “the proper Kurdish girl” and the modern world of educated girls.

This terminology is often thrown at us and I feel trapped, as if we have to choose only one side of the spectrum and remain there.

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The contemporary situation of Kurdish women differs significantly from the countries with Kurdish population (Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran).

Sign up today and find many personal ads in a matter of minutes.Does obtaining an education mean we are neglecting our traditional roles?This assumption has always baffled me, because Kurdish history and culture thrives on the backbones of strong women.Kurdistan is one of the fastest-developing and increasingly diverse places in the Middle East, but Kurds are highly aware of preserving their culture, and thus they keep foreign cultures at a distance.You will never go hungry or sleep on the streets in Kurdistan.

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