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If you wish to post a story of your own, you can do so on the Derbyshire Writers' Guild message board.Please consult the Contributor Guidelines before you post.This glitz and glamour town is a den of sin where all your fantasies aren’t merely possible but also, in the expert hands of the right girl, likely to be improved! - Become the greatest pimp Pornwood's ever seen by taking to the streets and bringing a world of hurt to other pimps. Invest in real estate to ensure all those lonely sailors, “handy”-men and pizza delivery guys get plenty of bang for their buck!But be warned: You're not the only pimp in town who wants to make it big! - The adult film industry is booming in Pornwood and it's time to dust off your old i PON camera.But when a devious cheerleader sets her sights on Lucius, Jess finds herself fighting to win back her wayward prince, stop a global vampire war—and save Lucius’s soul from eternal destruction.- If you're looking for something short, sweet, light..about vampires, this is the book for you.It's the typical girl-meets-boy, girl-loathes-boy-because-he's-a-vampire, girl-falls-for-boy, boy-likes-someone-else, drama-drama-drama-all-ends-well novel.

If it’s really your dream – make the effort and go for it! I am especially enamored of China because on my last two trips I adopted my little girls, so of course the experiences were amazing. I usually travel just out of interest, but I will say that visiting Eastern Europe influenced my first novel, part of which is set in Romania. Beth: I like to hit the gym or ride my bike to relieve stress.Invite some lady-friends to go wild and get shooting.Whether it's steamy sessions at the photo studio or a sequel to the award-winning "Moaning Lisa's Smile", become the most acclaimed porn director in the whole of Pornwood by scouting for new talent and breaking the law by finding the most outrageous public location for your next nut-buster!Time to inject some excitement, sex appeal and humour into your gaming!It's time to say goodbye to shining gems, cutesy gardens, aging dragons, and tedious quests.

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