Windows vista not updating windows

In fact, Vista never gained huge market share to begin with; many Microsoft customers opted to stick with the pleasing and reliable Windows XP for marathon. The embarrassment would be just as bad as the malware.

Hi Everyone, I'm new to the Norton Community and need some help with my Toshiba Satellite laptop.

Which means, if you're somehow stuck with Microsoft's least popular operating system, it's time to move on. That lack of support after April 11—which applies to Internet Explorer 9 as well—doesn't just mean basic inattention.

From here on out there will be no more Vista security patches, no more bug fixes, and no more technical help.

Can someone help me with a way to download the essential updates quickly? Note that users only need to install the Win32updates in this list that are currently missing from their system, and this list of speed up patches will be revised after the December 2016 Patch Tuesday updates are released on 13-Dec-2016.

Cheers, Pip " hangs are a common problem for many Vista SP2 users these days. There is one possible alternate solution that I haven't tried myself, but a few users have reported some success using Torsten Witrock's WSUS Offline Update tool to patch their Vista SP2 computer.

Holy Cow Z , 14 August 2016 - AM Well it seems to have worked Sleepy wahooooozers thank you so much.

This workaround requires Vista SP2 users to pre-install a new Windows kernel-mode driver (Win32K.sys) update each Patch Tuesday (the second Tuesday of the month) to speed up Windows Update. You have a 32-bit computer with only 2 GB of installed RAM, and depending on the last time Windows Update was able to successfully install updates on your system, your manual Windows Update in STEP # 6 of the instructions could require anywhere from 1 to 9 or more hours to run to completion. writes: " Dear Dennis, My Windows Update won't update.It happened when I upgraded to Windows 8.1; I had over 100 updates to download. Six years is a long time to make people wait, no matter how great the replacement. A decade later, Microsoft's finally pulling the plug on support tomorrow. Launched in 2007 (after a few delays), it was the first Windows overhaul since the well-loved XP release in 2001.

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