Girls nude camp in croatia

We are, in fact, all strangers to each other, aren’t we? And though I wouldn’t argue that not getting into a car with a stranger is a good rule to teach children, it’s a rule that shouldn’t always be followed by adults.If I’d followed this rule, I would never have chosen to go hitchhiking and wild camping in Croatia.This list of social nudity places in Europe is a list of places where social nudity is practised for recreation in Europe.It includes free beaches (or clothing-optional beaches or nude beaches) and some resorts.A large number of clothing-optional beaches exist throughout the country.

#officewithaview A post shared by Brittany Drew (@mrandmrsadventure) on NOTE: For the sake of geographical orientation, this list has been written in order from North to South along the coast, all 10 are pictured on the map below 🙂 “Wait a sec… ” While it’s an important/beautiful/historic place to see, we honestly didn’t enjoy it all that much.

It was too touristy/crowded/expensive for our liking, but it’s also important to remember that we were traveling by van so our interests were a bit different (video tour of our Euro van here).

Another reason we didn’t add it to our list is because most people already know about it, so why not encourage “our tribe” to explore the lesser known gems and get to know The Real Croatia!

Have you ever sunbathed on beautiful green grass while the blue Mediterranean Sea hums right next to you?

This can only be experienced on the beaches of Laguna Poreč.

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